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Doubtful Sound is the deepest of all fiords in the stunning Fiordland, in the far south-west of NZ. It was named by Captain Cook who did not actually enter the sound as he was ‘doubtful’ he would be able to sail out.

It is three times longer than Milford and over 10 times the area. It’s a pretty mind-blowing place; remote, physically grand and tranquil because of the protection provided by the steep walls. Known for its towering peaks and huge waterfalls (some over 600 metres); access to the Sound is by sea or from Wilmot Pass Road. However, roads are sparse so access is mainly by sea. Lake Manapouri and Doubtful Sound are joined by a man-made tunnel which takes water from the lake through an underground power station and on to Deep Cove in Doubtful Sound. It's one of those show-stopping destinations you need to tick off on your bucket-list on your New Zealand trip

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