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K'gari (formerly Fraser Island)

The World-Heritage listed K'gari (formerly Fraser Island) is a truly unique destination and one of the highlights of your East Coast Stray tour. K'gari is the Aboriginal word for paradise, and you'll see why when you experience this 123 x 22km island. With miles and miles of white sandy beaches (one of the beaches is called 75 Mile Beach - that's a beach 120km long!), rainforests, a shipwreck, rockpools and lakes, we'll take you on a 4WD adventure tour of the Island you will never forget! 

You won't see many people on K'Gari, but you may see turtles, dolphins, rays and maybe wild dingoes on the beach.

Population: 182 - that's not a typo - only one hundred and eighty-two people live on Fraser Island

Vibe: Chilled out tropical island paradise

Known for: Sand dunes, lakes and "champagne pools"


Kgari Safari Tour

Take a 4WD Adventure Tour

Part of your Stray tour will see you take a discovery tour of the island on a 4 wheel drive safari. You won't see any one way streets or no entry signs, you'll drive on white sandy beaches with dunes and rainforest one side and the Pacific ocean on the other. The only crossing you might see is a wild dingo crossing your path, and the only wreck is the SS Maheno, a shipwreck from 1935.

Soak in a natural oil-infused lake

There a numerous lakes on K'gari, the most famous being Boorangoora or Lake McKenzie. Like Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsunday Islands, it's made up of white silica sand, which is soft to walk on and gives the water an amazing turquoise colour. The difference here is that it is a rainwater lake that is infused with natural tea tree oils. It's safe to swim in and a relaxing, refreshing experience for your skin.

Nature watch

As well as dingoes on the beach, K'gari is home to a wide variety of animals and birds, including the exotically named swamp wallaby, small eared mountain possum and "acid" frog. You may see lizards like the sand monitor and lace monitor looking for food and you can sometimes spot, turtles, dolphins, rays and even sharks in the sea. The sharks often come in to feed on smaller fish, and this together with the strong currents around the coast means it's not advisable to swim in the sea off K'gari.

Swim in a "Champagne Pool"

But why swim in the sea when you can swim in Champagne?! The champagne pools are bubbling salt water pools formed by volcanic rock. It's safe to swim here while you watch some of the marine life - from a safe distance.


Adventure Tours: The Eco Retreat on K'gari

This has everything you love about camping, like the camp fires, stargazing and falling asleep listening to the waves break on the shore, but with a touch of comfort as you will be staying in cabins. 


The Eco Retreat, K'gari

On the shore, under the stars...

Kgari Beach Resort Cabins min

Our Select Tours include a full day trip to K'gari from our accommodation at Habitat Noosa Eco Camp. More information on the accommodation at Habitat Noosa Eco Camp can be found here...



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