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Passion & Sizzle

“I didn’t choose the Stray life, the Stray life chose me.”

That’s just a little saying we have amongst our big orange family, and it fits because working for and with Stray is more than just a job – it’s a way of life!

The Stray life definitely attracts certain special qualities in people too – people with a sizzling passion for travel and adventure, an enthusiasm for making a difference (doesn’t matter how big or small) in someone’s day and a commitment to sharing the fun with everyone they meet.

What does it mean to live the ‘Stray life’?

Work hard, play hard
Everyone at Stray is committed to making it the best experience for our customers, and believe it or not, there’s a LOT that goes on behind the scenes to keep the wheels on the bus going ‘round! But we love to cut loose with crazy industry dress up parties and legendary themed brochure launches when it’s time to announce a new product. It’s all part of the lifestyle!

The Stray Family

Walk the walk
We practice what we preach in our everyday lives – going out on our own adventures and regularly experiencing Stray’s destinations and activities so we stay in touch with our customers. Stray even offers full time staff flexible work hours so everyone has the chance to play hard and walk the walk.

Sometimes things get weird and wild
And we’re not just talking about the parties. Since 2011, Stray has annually produced its very own ‘nudie’ calendar that shows off our crew’s assets at the most beautiful locations around the country. What started as a bit of a cheeky joke is now a time honoured tradition, and it’s definitely a staff rite of passage to make the calendar!

We open our horizons 
Each year our Asia Tour Leaders have the chance to earn a trip to New Zealand as a reward based on superior passenger feedback - a trip that would be extremely difficult for them to make on their own. Tour Leaders Keo, Khamla, Dollar, Pao and Ohn have been the deserving recipients of this reward in the past few years. 

Asia Tour Leader Keo's first New Zealand Skydive

Keo puts on a brave face for his first Skydive in New Zealand


We treat each other like family 
We’re not joking when we call ourselves the big orange family. Many of our Stray Guides and staff have been part of Stray for years! We have staff all around the world, in New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Laos, Nepal, United Kingdom and Germany and we regularly try to meet up when we can.  


Stray Big Orange Family

The big orange family celebrating our 15th birthday

Stray Asia - Richard, Khamla and Keo

Khamla, Richard and Keo support each other through all the 'ups and downs'!


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