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Stray Mate - Manage your pass

Stray Mate is your personalised App for managing your Stray trip. You can find it in the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android). 

If you have a Freestyle Travel Pass you will need to download the Stray Mate App to:

  • Book your travel dates
  • Review your itinerary 
  • Book accommodation at the Stray Rate and be guaranteed a bed
  • Book activities at the Stray Rate
  • Amend and cancel your bus bookings
  • Amend and cancel your accommodation and activity bookings. 

You can also find information about the places you'll visit to help you plan where to hop off and spend more time.


Getting Started Screenshot: Log in screen - Stray Mate App

1. Download the App: 'Stray Mate New Zealand' (for iPhone / for Android

2. You need to SIGN UP before you can log in. This verifies that you are a Stray customer. Sign up with the Email you booked your Stray pass with and your Stray Booking Number. Both will need to completely match our records in order for you to sign up.

3. Create a password

4. Stray Mate will send you an email to authenticate your sign up. Open the email and click the 'Verify Email' button. 

5. Open the App again, Log in and tick 'Keep me logged in'

6. Allow notifications, then take a look around! 




Accessing the old web based Stray Mate

The old web based version of Stray Mate is being phased out but will still be available for customers to make bus bookings until the App version is rolled out to all passengers. 

Any bookings made in the old version will be confirmed in the reservations system but will not be visible in the new Stray Mate App. 

To access the old version of Stray Mate, visit: