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Strademark Places

Strademark places are special destinations (or experiences) that embody Stray’s values and ethos as an adventurous, off the beaten track travel operator.

They are the places that you are less likely to find in the guidebook, but the ones you’ll be talking about long after the adventure has ended.

Put simply, if they carry the ‘Strademark’ stamp, they are what makes Stray stand out from the crowd and are ‘not to be missed’!


To earn this badge, each destination must meet some or all of the following criteria: 

  1. An iconic Stray stop with X-factor, simply not to be missed.
  2. Unique local, cultural experience.
  3. Environmental or conservation focus.
  4. Cannot be accessed by public transport.
  5. No other tour operator goes there.

Our Strademark Places allow you to see more and do more. We take you to places that you would never otherwise see. Tick off your bucket list destinations and experience our special, unique spots too...