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Bai Xep

Located on a stretch of beautiful white sand just 10kms from Qui Nhon, Bai Xep is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and all things touristy in Vietnam. This remote and car-free fishing village gives travellers a real opportunity to experience an authentic Vietnamese beach without the rampant tourism. 

Population: Approximately 650 people

Vibe: Despite its seclusion and peaceful beach setting, Bai Xep has a surprisingly fun and upbeat vibe to it. The fisherman work hard and locals embrace and greet with pleasant smiles. There’s not much else to do in the evenings but have a few beers at sunset and soak in the atmosphere. There is even the occasional (and awesome) local band performing contemporary hits.

Known for: Bai Xep is known for being a remote fishing village on the coast near Qui Nhon, with a small but pretty beach and crystal clear water. Many travellers overlook stopping off at Bai Xep, but that is definitely their loss!

Must Do: The Island Boat Trip. It is a great dose of relaxation with a subtle pinch of adventure (a lot like Bai Xep itself)!



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Island Boat Trip
Try your hand at paddling one of the traditional circular-shaped boats (called a ‘coracle’) from Bai Xep beach. You’ll head to an out-of-sight island about 30 minutes away where you can enjoy more beautiful white sands. After a small hike on the island, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views of the ocean and maybe even catch the sunset.

Cooking Class
A cooking class is offered in the village, with vegetarian options available. You can enjoy a real authentic Vietnamese-style class taught by one of the local villagers and then eat your culinary creation in this off the beaten track location.

In addition to simply taking a lovely stroll along the beach or wandering around the village, you can also head uphill to a super cool hidden swimming hole and waterfall.

Motorbike Rental
Bai Xep is on the breath-taking coast of Vietnam, and there’s plenty more coastline surrounding this amazing place just waiting to be explored. Motorbike rental is cheap and accessible in the village. Let the cool breeze gently caress your sun kissed face as you take a relaxing, scenic drive to see what lies outside the village.

What better activity to try in a fishing village? Learn about the local way of life and their fishing techniques. There’s plenty of opportunity for you to snag your own great catch while enjoying some peaceful chill out time.



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Everywhere in Vietnam seems to have a food market. However, Bai Xep’s food market is a little smaller than most, with just four stalls of fresh fruit and vegetables, meats, and of course seafood. In a town known for fishing, you are guaranteed plenty of fresh and delicious seafood.

The accommodations along the beach offer both local and Western food and beers, with similar prices and plenty of options across the board. Portion sizes tend to be bigger and if there are fish and chips on the menu, get it!

As can be expected in a small village, there isn’t much in the way of convenience stores. However, you can always rely on at least one of the locals to run a small mini mart-type store, usually out of their own front yard, selling the typical but often craved cookies, crisps, and other sweet snacks. 



The Haven/Big Tree Backpackers

Freestyle Tours (Dorms, double rooms)

To 2, Khu vuc 1
Bai Xep,
Ghenh Rang,
Quy Nhon,
Tel: +855 12 848 390

We use two accommodations in Bai Xep depending if you'd like to stay in a dorm or private room. They are both right next to the beach at Bai Xep.  Enjoy drinks at the garden bistro and enjoy the fantastic view of the sea. 

Facilities: Laundry service, luggage storage.