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As a Stray traveller you are now part of the ‘Orange Crew’!

This means you are entitled to some great loyalty discounts with Stray and with some of our key partners. 

Stray Southeast Asia

WEB Stray Logo copyIf you liked New Zealand, you're going to love Stray Asia. We're on the same mission is to get you further off the beaten track, taking you to places that will, quite simply, blow you away. Marvel at the striking White Temple in Northern Thailand, journey through Kong Lor’s 7 km cave by long boat to discover a beautiful valley, travel inside an old American bomb shell (“bomb boat”) near Tha Bak, sample crab on the island of Koh Tunsay, and explore the world’s largest cave networks in Vietnam.

Offer: 5% off all our Southeast Asia passes - even the ones already on special!

How?  Email us and let us know that you'd like to travel with us again and we'll hook you up! [email protected]





spaceships logohires copyGrab your mates and go road trippin' in a Spaceship! You can hire a Spaceship in Australia (with depots in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Cairns), NZ, the UK and Europe. A Spaceship offers you the freedom to explore in a custom designed, award-winning camper that is like a good car to drive but with more useful features than a campervan. Spaceships are versatile, fun and fuel efficient and backed up by a trusted and friendly customer service team. 


Offer: 15% off when you book direct.

Email to enquire about booking.

Valid for all Spaceships fleet in the UK, Europe, Australia and NZ. 






Australia with LOKA

Loka Travel - Australia's Hop On Hop Off Adventure Travel NetworkIf you enjoyed the flexibility and sociability of travelling with Stray NZ then we're sure you'd have a great time travelling Australia with LOKA. Started by one of Stray’s founding members, Loka follows the same principles of fun, adventurous, flexible travel along the incredible east coast of Australia. Loka's hop on hop off Australia route spans the East Coast, from Sydney to Cairns. 

Receive an extra 5% off Loka advertised rates when you book online

Offer: Receive extra 5% off Loka - Australia's Hop On Hop Off Adventure Travel Network


Comments: Provide your Stray NZ booking number in the comments field at checkout when you book online. 

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