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New Zealand has some amazing wildlife – 90% of New Zealand’s insects, 80% of trees, 25% of birds and 100% of reptiles (lizards and frogs as well as the tuatara which is 225 million years old and a throwback to the dinosaurs) are only found in NZ. Almost half of the world’s marine mammals visit or live in New Zealand’s waters. We try and get you to see as much of these animals as possible without compromising their or your own safety.

Abel Tasman National Park

While you’re out on the water sailing or kayaking you can often spot dolphins and seals as you glide by (cool eh!)


In Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf there are 23 different varieties of marine mammals – you can check them out on the Auckland Dolphin and Whale Safari day trip as it cruises from the Auckland harbour through all the islands. You can also visit Rangitoto Island or Tiritiri Matangi which is a bird sanctuary free of predators.


Tatapouri - East Cape

Tatapouri Bay is a remote bit of coastline with an interesting reef ecosystem, home to short-tail stingray, eagle ray, native fish, crayfish, octopus, eels and more. At low tide you can explore the reef with an experienced guide and meet some of the wildlife that live in these waters. 


Stewart Island

There is amazing birdlife on this island and the neighbouring Ulva island which is a native bird sanctuary free of all predators. There are birds here that you won’t be able to see anywhere else in the world. There is also great fishing – and some real wildlife at the local pub!


Kaikoura is a marine wildlife mecca! You can head out seal spotting, dolphin swimming or whale watching and you can check out sperm whales, humpback whales, orcas, denby dolphins, hector dolphins, crayfish, seals, albatross – pretty much the whole food chain!