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Arrival Information


Auckland Airport is located 20kms from Auckland City.  

Auckland City at Night


Method of transport  Approx Time Cost 
Taxi 20mins $70-90
Airbus Express 45mins $16
Shuttle  45mins $33

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Wellington Airport is located 7kms from Wellington City.  

Wellington at dawn


Method of transport  Approx Time Cost 
Taxi 10-30mins $30
Airport Flyer  15mins $9
Shuttle  25-40mins $20

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Christchurch Airport is located 11 kms from the City.  

Christchurch City 

Method of transport  Approx Time Cost 
Taxi 15-20mins $45-65
Metro Red Bus 30mins $8
Shuttle  20mins $20

The Stray Bus stops for pick ups and drop offs at the Christchurch Airport on scheduled departure days. The Bus will be parked at the Bus/Coach Parking area at the Airport. Walk just beyond where the taxis are waiting and you'll see it. 

Christchurch Airoprt Map


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