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Top New Zealand Travel Tips

You’ve just had the best idea of your life – you want to visit New Zealand!

So how do you start planning the adventure of a lifetime in a faraway country located at the bottom of the world? Read our top 5 tips to start planning your big New Zealand adventure!

 1. Decide when to go 

We get four very distinct seasons in New Zealand and ask any New Zealander which is their favourite and you'll get a different answer! That's because they're all fantastic in their own way so check out what to expect from mother nature and pick the season that suits you.

The NZ Seasons - Decide which season you want to travel in

2.  Pack the essentials

Now that you know which season you want to travel in start thinking about what gear you’ll need to pack. Our advice is to pack light, quick dry clothes you can layer and a waterproof jacket. No matter where you go in NZ, the weather can change quickly and you will love being able to put on or shed a layer as needed. You won't need heavy duty hiking boots unless you’re planning to do some big hikes. Pack light - you'll be able to find almost everything you might need here!


✔ Quality Waterproof Jacket
✔ Light Layers / Merino Wool Tops
✔ Warm Jumper
✔ Sturdy Walking Shoes
✔ Day Pack
✔ Drink Bottle (our water is amazing!)
✔ Swimwear
✔ Sunglasses & Sunblock
✔ Lightweight Towel
✔ Small Torch/Flashlight

Map Showing Where To Go in New Zealand

3. Plan where to go

We always recommend you visit both islands, as each has its own treasures to be explored.

If you want to visit the coffee-mad capital city, lounge on sunny sub-tropical beaches, delve into rich Maori cultural experiences, visit volcanic plateaus and bubbling geothermic sites, the North Island is the place for you.

If you like the sound of dewy native rainforests, rugged coastlines, icy glaciers and jaw-dropping mountain scenery that served as the backdrop for the Lord of the Rings movies, you can't miss the South Island.

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4. Make a budget

Aside from the necessities like accommodation, food and transportation, think about what type of activities you want to do when planning your budget. New Zealand is best known for its variety of once-in-a-lifetime big ticket adventure activities, as well as for being an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.


Backpacker dorm bed    $25-$32 NZD/night
White water rafting:                 $90-190 NZD
Trip to Hobbiton:                           $110 NZD
Bungy jump:                                   $150 NZD
Skydive:                               $270 - $400 NZD
Hiking:                                             Free!

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Word Cloud of Kiwi Lingo New Zealand Language5. Start learning the lingo

Although the official spoken languages are English and Maori, Kiwis speak a language all their own with local slang terms that will sound completely foreign even to English-speaking visitors.

You will also discover a mix of English and Maori place names throughout the country and don’t be surprised if you’re greeted with a chipper ‘Kia ora!’ (Maori for ‘hello’) when you first meet a New Zealander.

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