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Southeast Asia Bucketlist

We've put together Stray's ultimate Southeast Asia Bucket List...

Southeast Asia is jam packed with iconic places, local hot spots and opportunities for adventure.

Add these 10 'must do' experiences to your travel bucket list!

1. Visit the World's #1 Tourist Attraction

 Siem Reap Flexi

Angkor Wat is touted as the #1 tourist attraction in the world and it really does live up to the hype. Did you know that the ancient Angkor Empire stretched from Myanmar to Malaysia, and Angkor was the capital city? Pretty impressive! To get the full experience, get there before dawn and watch in awe as the sun rises behind this intricate ancient temple. 

2. Meet the locals in a remote village that's not even on Google Maps

Mekong River Homestay

Not many travellers get the chance to stay with the locals in a remote village and experience life untouched by commercialism. Stray travellers have the opportunity to experience everyday life in a local village in Laos and Cambodia.

3. Go tubing down the river

Vang Vieng River TubingSpend a day floating down the river surrounded by the beautiful karst mountains in Vang Vieng (Laos). If you're in need of any refreshment, wave to the bars along the river side who'll be more than happy to throw you a rope and pull you in for a cold Beer Lao!  

4. Explore "Halong Bay on Land" Ninh Binh Trang An Grottoes flexi

Once a hidden gem in Northern Vietnam, the Trang An Grottoes, (also called the ‘Halong Bay on land’) is an impressive network of tunnels and caves connected by rivers with an otherworldly feel. 

Take a boat ride through the grottoes for spectacular views of the towering peaks and seemingly endless fields of wet rice. 

5. Experience a traditional Baci Ceremony

Mekong River Homestay Stray Asia Pass Highlight

A Laos Baci Ceremony is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience another culture's spirituality. Join the elders of a village in a traditional ceremony that calls back your ‘lost souls’ that are said to drift away during the course of life. During the ceremony you will experience chanting, gifting and the tying of strings to your wrists which symbolises a reconnection. It’s an enlightening experience that will leave you feeling more enriched.   

6. Cool off in the picturesque Kuang Si waterfall

Luang Prabang Stray Asia Pass Highlight

If you had to name paradise,  Kuang Si falls (Laos) would probably be it. With natural waterfalls cascading into turquoise terraced pools, you won't need filters or photoshop to make your photos look incredible. Take your camera and swimsuit for a cool off...and the bonus part: there is a bear rescue sanctuary next to the waterfalls and entrance is included in your ticket! 

7. Take a 2 Day slow boat cruise down the Mekong River

Mekong River Slowboat 850x470

Take a slow boat ride along the Mekong River so you can just sit back and soak up the incredible journey as you wind your way through lush farmland, thriving jungle and rugged mountain scenery. Drift past water buffalo, locals fishing, and kids splashing in the shallows and get a real glimpse of river life in Laos. 

8. Travel 7km on an underground river in a motorised canoe Kong Lor Cave Laos Flexi

In Kong Lor, Laos, the Nam Hin Bun river disappears into the mountain and runs through a black winding cave which is up to 100m wide and high in some places and 7 kilometres long! The scenery around the river is just as awesome with gothic karst mountains with trees clasping onto cliffs at great heights. Venture into the cave on foot, before jumping into a wooden boat for your adventure through the caves.  

 9. Eat something crazy

Battambang Strademark 930x470 Asia

Travel is all about expanding your horizons with new sights, new friends and new experiences, so we challenge you to find something you wouldn't normally eat and give it a go! Whether it's barbecued field rat, scorpion on stick, or a crunchy fried spider - if it's good enough for the locals, give it a try!  

10. See Orangutangs in the Wild

sepilok orangutan sanctuary feedingplatform

Did you know that human DNA and Orangutang DNA is 97% the same!? These little guys are one of our closest relatives and they're now critically endangered. You can still see wild orangutangs in Borneo and it's a pretty magical experience. We could watch them play all day!  


Are you ready to start ticking these off? 

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