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Want a FREE Stray Freestyle Travel Pass?

Sell 5 Stray Passes/Tours - It's all yours!

Sell 10 Stray Passes/Tours - Bring a mate for free!

Stray Agent Incentive

Contact your local Sales Rep for more information!

Terms and Conditions: Sell any 5 Stray Asia, Australia or NZ products over $500 in value in the currency used by each region (NZD/AUD/USD) to qualify for an FOC Freestyle Pass in the same region. Sell 10 in any region and qualify to take a mate. The first FOC pass is non transferrable and must be used within 12 months of being learnt. All employees should provide a short report and photos of their trip within three months of returning and should be employed after the trip for a minimum of six months.


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