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Our People

The Stray Family

We’re not joking when we call it a ‘family.’ Many of our drivers and staffers have been part of Stray for years. Many got their start as Driver Guides or temporary seasonal staff and decided to never leave!


A few examples are:

  • Our visionary CEO, Brett ‘Taxi’ Hudson started as a Driver Guide who got on the wrong bus back in 2005, but ended up finding his way as NZ Operations Manager and the General Manager of New Zealand.
  • Holly Blundell, with a sharp eye for detail heads up our Systems and Technology (aka ‘The Matrix), got her start as head of Reservations and later served as General Manager of Asia for 5 years.
  • After starting out as a newbie Driver Guide many moons ago, Rory ‘Bagginz’ Wood now oversees our UK and Europe Sales. Not bad for a fresh faced guy rocking a perm in 2007!
  • Our steadfast and stalwart Head Drivers Nat and Seagull will both mark the incredibly impressive milestone of over 10 years on the road with Stray, the longest of any of our current road crew.
  • Jenny Sinnecker was a German traveller on the bus in 2007 who ended up falling in love with both NZ and her Driver Guide, Nemo. This led to her managing The Barn in Abel Tasman and eventually becoming Stray’s Boss of Accounts. (She and Nemo are still together, with 2 kids too!)

We could go on…everyone’s story is a little different and yet they all share a common theme – we love what we do and we’re doing what we love!

Our Driver Guides 

Driving each orange Stray bus is your awesome driver-guide, practically a walking guidebook, who comes with expert local knowledge, invaluable insight and the odd story or two!

Just by cruising on the Stray bus and listening to your guide you’ll pick up loads of information about New Zealand culture. 

These dudes and dudettes are consistently mentioned when passengers talk about their favourite things on Stray. They make sure you have nothing to worry about. 

Every driver made the effort to get to know me as an individual and made me feel welcome and went out of their way to help me."
Anon, Stray Passenger Survey

Here's just a few of the team...




Favourite travel quote:  Everything is awesome! 

Travel advice for Stray travellers:   Make sure you live each day to the max!

Summarize yourself in three words:   Fun, fun & fun! 






Favourite travel quote:   Money is temporary,  it can be replaced, memories are forever.

My favourite places:  Hahei - it's the perfect location for the first night to have a group meal and get to know all the new passengers. Stunning location as well.  Lake Aniwhenua is the best place to learn about some of the Maori Culture & have what could be the best meal of your life. On the West Coast of the South Island you would swear the scenery has been photoshopped. 
Travel advice for Stray travellers:   Go Home broke, then you know you did everything possible! Do things you don't do at home. Meet people from different cultures. Not just people from your own country.  Try things you have never done or eaten. Travelling is trying new things.



Favourite travel quote:   A yawn is a silent scream for coffee!

Travel advice for Stray travellers:   Pack light!  We do have laundry facilities in NZ.  Sit back & relax, let your driver do all the hard work so you can enjoy the journey. 

Summarise yourself in three words:   Must have coffee.






Favourite quote: "Live, laugh, love"

Travel advice for Stray travellers: Follow me on Instagram, I like to think I post influencer-worthy stories

Summarise yourself in three words: Mediocre Khalid lookalike