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Waitomo Caves Guide

The largely uncharted network of caves under Waitomo was created by water running through the soft limestone. The water, which continues to flow through the network creates stalactites (which form downwards) as the lime in the water reforms from drips from the roof and stalagmites (which form upwards) as the water hits the floor. The Maori name ‘Waitomo’ means ‘water hole’.

The caves are also home to thousands of glow worms which make them even more magical!

There is a range of options for exploring the Waitomo area, from easy walks to adrenaline-spiking underground adventures.

Guided trips are your only option for really exploring the caves, and no matter which trip you, do you will be blown away. 

We spend about four hours in Waitomo so people can complete the caving adventures.

Must see and do

  • Get the adrenaline pumping with a black water tubing and caving adventure
  • Stay dry but still explore the caves with some challenging abseils
  • Abseil 100m down into the Lost World - Waitomo's biggest cave
  • Take a boat cruise through the magnificent limestone caves to check out the glow-worms.


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READ OUR BLOG: A caving adventure at Waitomo 

The team at Stray were invited to Waitomo Caves to get to know each other better whilst hanging over a 100m crevice and exploring the amazing abyss that is ‘The Lost World’.

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