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Ways to Stray

Choose your adventure!

All our trips have been carefully crafted to help you “get further off the beaten track”, explore unique destinations, immerse yourself in local culture and see all the guidebook 'must-dos'.

When you travel with Stray, you decide the level of travel flexibility you want to have. Choose from our Journeys Tours where everything is included and organised for you, our Freestyle Passes where you’ve got more flexibility and lots of options and our Freestyle Tours where you'll get the best of both worlds.


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Journey Tours

Sit back and relax because it’s all taken care of! Your guide will take you on an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime journey where all you have to worry about is ticking off your bucket list. 

Accommodation, top-rated activities, guide, transport and meals are included and you can opt for extra activities along the way. 

Available in: New Zealand, Asia

Freestyle Tours 

If you want the hassle-free element of a tour but with the added benefit of flexibility, a Freestyle Tour is for you! It’s just like a traditional tour with accommodation, activities, guide, transport and some meals included, but you have the freedom to extend your stay at any stop on the route and you can travel for up to a year! 

If you’re short on time, no worries, you can complete the tour in the minimum days, and there are non-travel days throughout the itinerary so it won’t feel too rushed. 

Available in: Australia, Asia

Freestyle Passes

If you want the fun, security and hassle-free aspect of travelling with a group and a guide, but also want to be able to decide where you sleep, what activities you do and how long you spend in each place, choose a Freestyle Pass. Accommodation and activities are pay-as-you-go. We’ll recommend things to do and places to stay and help you book them. Extend your stay in your favourite places and travel for up to a year. 

Available in: New Zealand, Australia, Asia

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