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#StrayDays Rewards

When you're out travelling with Stray, one thing we guarantee is that your #StrayDays are going to be packed full of epic insta-worthy experiences with awesome people! You will leave behind that dreary computer screen, those oversized study books, stacking dishwashers and cleaning waiting tables because you're going to be SEEING MORE. DOING MORE. LIVING MORE!

You'll be floating on a high as you gaze over magical mountain views, jump from a plane at 16,000 ft, watch the sunrise over ancient empires, skim rivers on death-defying jet boats, get up close and personal with amazing wildlife, zip through jungles, discover the local culture, food and people and relax with a cold beer on a picturesque beach with new friends. Sounds pretty alright doesn't it? These are what we like to call #StrayDays.


We not only encourage, but we reward those who "resist the ordinary and share the extraordinary!"


StrayDays 3 min



  1. Share an epic Stray experience on either your Facebook or Instagram page (or both)
  2. Include the following caption with the relevant hashtags displayed clearly at the beginning of your post: Just another #StrayDay
  3. Tag Stray so that we can see how you are doing. Facebook = @Straybus /  Instragram = @StrayNZ

Make sure you use the relevant hashtags:

#StrayNZ  #StrayAsia #StrayAustralia



  • If your post achieves 150 likes you'll win an exclusive Stray T-shirt or a prize pack with awesome Stray goodies!
    (awesome souvenirs to remember all the good times)

  • If your post achieves 300 likes you'll win $100 NZD deposited back  to your credit card! .



Once your post has achieved 150+ or 300+ likes, take a screenshot (that clearly shows the amount of 'likes' you've accrued). Submit your screenshot using the online form provided below. We'll contact the winners at the end of each month.

Note: While you can only claim one T-shirt/merchandise prize pack via this competition, you  can claim up to $300 NZD from 3 individual posts that each achieve over 300 likes. 

So what are you waiting for? You've got the epic snaps, it's time to share them with the world!





  • This program is open to all Stray Passengers who have travelled with Stray in the past 12months.

  • Qualifying Posts must have been made from 1 May 2018 onwards, be original content captured or produced by the traveller (or the travellers peers) and must be posted to a personal social media account (Facebook or Instagram) and not posted on a business, group or fan page. Qualifying posts must have achieved 'Likes' organically through a private account from users within their current 'friend' network. 

  • Creatively, qualifying posts must be deemed by Stray’s panel to reflect the adventurous nature of Stray’s product/itineraries and should reflect destinations or experiences accessible by Stray travellers. Posts with no correlation to Stray will be excluded. 

  • Posts that have engaged in illegal 'like' buying, post sponsorship or paid boosting will be immediately disqualified from claiming a prize and from further participation in this competition.

  • Upon submission Stray will request a copy of the original image. If you qualify for the reward, your acceptance of the prize simultaneously consents Stray to a non-exclusive, perpetual and worldwide license to use the image within its marketing material and promotional activities . This includes but is not limited to print, editorial, social and digital channels managed by Stray or Stray's partners. 

  • All entries must include the relevant caption, tag and hashtags (stated above) at the time of posting. These must be clearly displayed and not hidden after bulk text or hashtags.

  • Participants can claim 1x t-shirt or Stray prize pack per traveller. T-shirts/prize packs must be collected from Stray’s Auckland Travel Shop (50 Fort Street). Or they can be posted internationally for $20 NZD postal fee.

  • Participants can claim the cash rewards on up to 3 unique posts.

  • Rewards must be applied for within 12months of travelling with Stray.

  • StrayDays rewards are capped at a total of 6 cash prize winners and 6 Tshirt/prize pack winners per calendar month. If more than 6 submissions are received within a month, the winners will be selected by a Stray judging panel. Stray’s decision is final and at their sole discretion.

  • Stray reserves the right to withdraw this competition at any time.