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Tips & Extra Info

Viewing multiple passes: If you have more than one pass - head to the ‘Profile’ page where you will see all of your passes and be able to choose between them. Simply click the arrow next to the name of your pass to display the list.

Cape Reinga Day Trip: If your pass includes the Cape Reinga Day Trip, this will appear as ‘Pre-Booked’ in the app to show that it is included. You will need to let [email protected] know when you would like to complete it. 

Offline Use: The Stray Mate App is not currently available offline. 

Last Minute Bookings: you can book buses, activities and accommodation at any time, however if you book after 4pm the day before, you will not be on the Driver's printed bus manifest, and your activity/accommodation booking will be sent as a request to the operator, and not instantly confirmed. 

Transaction fees: Stray do not charge fees to make a booking. We are not responsible for any additional charges made by your bank.

Customer Cancellation: If you need to cancel and it's before the cut off time, you'll receive 100% refund. If you need to cancel after the cut off time, you will be charged 100% of the fee.

Operator Cancellation: Occasionally the weather doesn’t behave and our operators will need to cancel their activity. You will be informed of this cancellation by the Operator/Reservations team and will of course be entitled to a full refund.

Refunds: If you are due a refund, it may take up to 3-5 days for the money to return to your credit card account. Refunds can only be made to the card that made the booking.

Outstanding Balance: If you have not yet paid for your pass in full, you will not be able to book travel dates on the bus, but you will be able to book accommodation and activities. Please pay your balance using the online Extra Payment checkout or contact [email protected]

Booking Re-Travel: Your Stray Freestyle pass is valid for 12 months from the first day of travel, so you can retravel most legs of your pass. However you are not able to book retravel in Stray Mate. Retravel must be booked by emailing [email protected]

Pre-booked agent vouchers: If you have pre booked accommodation or activities through your travel agent please don’t book this again in the App - you will need to contact the Supplier directly to book.


Need a hand with that? Get in touch.

If you're having trouble logging in or if you need to do things a little differently, feel free to get in touch! 

If you have any questions regarding managing your pass, or just need to clarify anything please contact our Reservations team: [email protected] or +64 9 526 2140