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Stray Mate NZ

Stray Mate is your personalised Trip Manager where you can login to plan your trip of a lifetime.  You can create, amend or cancel bookings on your Freestyle Pass. Take control of your experience by booking as you go, scheduling your hop on and off stops as well as securing your activities and adventures around New Zealand. Make sure you download it and get set up before you start your trip. 


If you have a Freestyle Travel Pass you will need to download the Stray Mate App to:

  • Book your bus
  • Review your itinerary 
  • Book accommodation at the Stray Rate and be guaranteed a bed at the Stray preferred accommodation. 
  • Book activities at the Stray Rate
  • Cancel your bus, accommodation and activity bookings. 

You can also find information about the places you'll visit to help you plan where to hop off and spend more time.


Download it from: 

playstore download badge2               apple store iphone

如果您在中国并且使用安卓手机,您可能需要点击此链接下载Stray Mate App: (Android APK Link)