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Booking Buses And Trains


Between Sydney <> Noosa/Rainbow Beach

Primary transport is on Stray buses.

Travel sectors must be booked by 5pm the day prior to departure (we recommend booking 24 hours in advance).

Between Noosa/Rainbow Beach <> Cairns

Primary transport is on trains.  Travel sectors must be booked 24hrs before the scheduled departure time.

On the weekends, travel must be booked by 5pm Friday.  The trains depart 5 times per week. You can travel on the trains unguided, however, the Stray transfers will not be included. Email us for more information.



When you look at your itinerary, you'll see the first available bus in a grey icon between destinations "Book Your Bus" 

 i.e Here you can see the bus between Sydney and Barrington Tops is waiting to be booked. 

 When you click "Book Your Bus" you'll be shown the next available departure, or you can choose a date from the calendar and a pick up location. 

 Check availability. If a bus or train route is unavailable, there might not be a scheduled departure on that day. If it is available, it will appear as 'Booked' in your itinerary.   


Booking Bus 1      Booking Bus 3       Booking Bus 2     



The Stray Mate Booking System can be accessed 24/7, but you need to book before 5pm the day prior to departure for buses and we need 24 hours notice to book your ticket on the train.
Make your way to the pickup location 15 minutes before the departure time. This will ensure you are picked up! 


Peak season is between November – March and buses/trains can get pretty busy so we strongly recommend you book your travel dates at least 5 days in advance during this period to avoid disappointment – you can always clear them if you change your plans.  Trains also get busy during Christmas and School Holidays.

If you decide to hop off the bus/train or change your booking at the last minute, it's no problem! Just click the buses you've booked and 'Edit Booking'. You can either change the date, or cancel your bookings.  If you have future booked train sectors though please contact Stray directly so we can rebook your tickets and you don't forfeit any sectors.

If you miss your bus/train, your booking on that day will be cancelled and depending on the sector you may need to pay to travel on a different day.