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Travelling Freestyle

When you travel Freestyle, you call the shots! 

Freestyle allows you to customise your travel experience, while travelling with awesome, knowledgeable guides, and like minded travellers. 

Our Freestyle Travel routes cover all of the famous must-see destinations, as well as some epic handpicked, off the beaten track spots that we locals love. We call these places Strademark Places, and you’ll see them marked with a heart on the trip maps. 

What does Freestyle Mean? 

hop on and off“Freestyle” means you are free to ‘hop off’ the tour at any time and stay longer in any destination on the travel route.  You can ‘hop back on’ the tour with the next group and guide coming through.  

Stray departs several times a week. The number of departures per week depends on the region and the time of year. Check the Timetables to plan your trip. 


Your time, your way

 travel timeFreestyle Passes and Tours are valid for 12 months from the first day of travel, so you can hop on and off as much as you want for up to a year! 

If you’re short on time, you don’t need to hop off at all. There are non-travel days built into the itinerary so you won’t be travelling every day.

While we travel, we make stops along the way to show you amazing things, like a beautiful waterfall, a short scenic walk, local food tasting or breath-taking view!

If you arrive in a place and it feels like home, you can just hop off and take your time. After all, you’ve got 12 months to travel the route! 

In Australia and Asia, you can only travel in one direction, once.  In New Zealand, you can re-travel all sectors operated by Stray (there are a few sectors operated by third party partners that you won’t be able to re-travel). You will need to contact our Reservations team to re-travel. 


Manage your travel 

Stray Mate

Once you’ve bought a pass, you’ll need to log in to Stray Mate. Here you can read about each destination you’ll visit and book buses.  If you’re travelling on a short timeframe, we recommend booking your dates in advance (particularly between Nov – March) as buses can fill up.  Dates are fully flexible and you can change them any time in Stray Mate.


Getting started 


It’s day one of your Stray adventure! You’ve booked your first bus and you can see the pick-up time and location in Stray Mate. Head down to the departure point 15 minutes before and say hello to your rad new group of friends. Don’t worry if you’re standing in awkward silence for a bit, your Guide will break the ice!  


Meet your guide

Stray Guide

Your Guide is the glue that holds your bus together (not literally). They’re your bus tour guide, story teller, party starter and they're full of local knowledge. They’ve had a lot of practice taking a group of strangers and turning them into lifelong friends, so you’re in good hands. If you’re doing the trip in the minimum amount of time (not hopping off), it’s likely you’ll be with the same driver, and many of the passengers the whole way through.


There are two options for travelling Freestyle:

  1. Freestyle Tours

  2. Freestyle Passes

Passengers with Freestyle Passes and Freestyle Tours travel together, on our safe, reliable, flexible adventure travel network

Freestyle Tours are available in Australia and Asia and have accommodation, top-rated activities and meals included. 

Freestyle Passes are available in New Zealand, Australia and Asia and allow you to choose your own accommodation and activities and pay-as-you-go. 

Got more questions? 

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