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Kudat is at the northernmost tip of Borneo. Not too many tourists make it up here....lucky you! It’s likely that you’ll have the gorgeous, white sandy, remote stretches of beach all to yourselves!  

Vibe: Beachy and stress-free

Known As: It’s not really known! That’s what makes it one of our Strademark Places. 

Must Do: Try the cocktails at The Secret Place beach bar

Things to see and do


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Visit the “Tip of Borneo” 

The South China Sea and Sulu Sea collide at the northernmost point of Borneo. In 2004 a bronze globe monument was erected to show the latitude and longitude of this point, known historically to have caught a lot of sailors off-guard, wrecking their ships. Now the tip of Borneo best place to watch the sunset as the sun goes down over the ocean, and watch the colours change from blue to fiery orange and red to deep purple. This is a photo opportunity you won't want to miss.  

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Enjoy the Beach 

In Kudat you'll find some of Borneo's most stunning beaches. The closest one to our accommodation is Simpang Mengayu Bay, a stunning white sand beach with gentle waves from April to September and surfable waves from October to March. Depending on the time of year, you could hire a surfboard or a kayak. 

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Take a half day snorkelling tour 

There are a few good snorkelling spots just off the bay.  A local boat operator can take you out and rent you a mask, snorkel and fins. On a half day trip you'll usually see two or three spots. Watch out for turtles! 

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Visit The Secret Place 

A short drive away from Simpang Mengayu Bay your Tour Leader will take you to discover The Secret Place, a rustic little beach bar in an idyllic location, on a quiet, local beach.  Laze the day away on the beach, try the delicious fresh cocktails and finish the day with a seafood BBQ on the beach! 


Ready to go to the beach? 

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