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Kinabatangan River

The Kinabatangan River is 560km long, trailing from the east side of Borneo to the Sulu sea in the west. The lower part of the river is a protected tropical rainforest with a rich ecosystem. There are resorts and villages dotted along the river but Stray stay at an exclusive jungle camp, away from the resorts, in an area where the native wildlife is in abundance.  

Vibe: Like you’re channelling your inner David Attenborough

Known As: The place to see the “Borneo Big 5”

Must Do: Go on a wildlife spotting cruise along the river. 

Things to see and do

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Wildlife Safari Cruises 

Cruise the river and waterways with a wildlife guide looking out for the Borneo Big 5. The five most iconic animals in Borneo can all be found here; the pygmy elephant, proboscis monkey, orangutan, hornbill and estuarine crocodile, although you’re lucky if you see all five.  There’s a lot of other wildlife to see here too. You’ll see macaques, kingfishers, storks, langur and more! The Borneo Explorer tour includes 3 river cruises because each time you head out on the boat you’re you’re likely to have a completely unique experience from the ones before.


Plant a tree

The Stray Jungle Camp has a strong conservation focus and is actively involved in a reforestation programme to regenerate the jungle alongside the river.  You can contribute by purchasing a tree and planting it and know that you’ve played a small role in preserving this incredible place and the wildlife that lives here, for future generations. 

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Night-time Nocturnal Wildlife Cruise

Night time brings out different creatures, so don’t miss the chance to go out on the boat in the evening to spot fireflies and search for nocturnal wildlife. 


Guided Night Walk 

Walk the tracks near the camp with a guide and see what you can spot! There’s an extra element of excitement from having your feet on the ground and getting right amongst it! You might spot frogs, stick insects, snakes, leeches and sleeping birds. 


Ready to cruise the Kinabatangan? 

Check out the Borneo Explorer 10 day tour