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WI-FI in New Zealand

Stray's Wifi Network is now closed

We decided to close the network as we found our passengers are just as happy using SIM cards and purchasing affordable data packs. Free Prepaid SIM cards are available at the international airport, from the Stray Travel Shop (Auckland) and with some Driver Guides.

If you have any concerns about this closure please contact our reservations team at

Places where you can get online around New Zealand:

  • 4G Data/SIM Card
    The best option is get a New Zealand SIM card and purchase a prepaid monthly call + data pack. You can pick up a free SIM card from the Stray Shop (50 Fort Street, Auckland City). 
  • Wifi in City Centres 
    Some city centres offer free hotspots (Raglan, Auckland, Rotorua, Taupo and Christchurch) however by in large you will need to pay for it as you go
  • Public Libraries
    Some public libraries offer WiFi and internet services
  • Internet Cafes
    Most major towns and cities will have internet cafes offering affordable options
  • Wifi at Hostels
    Many hostels offer free wifi, but some will charge a small fee for this service.