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Can't Log In?

Are you having trouble logging in to Stray Mate? 

Have you Signed Up yet? 

The most common reason people can't log in to Stray Mate is because they haven't Signed Up and verified that they are a Stray customer via email, before they try to Log in. 

Are your details correct? 

The second most common reason is that our details don't exactly match yours. 

Please double check your email address and booking number against your Stray confirmation email.

The log in is case sensitive so the easiest way to ensure it's the same is to copy and paste directly from the email. 

If you're still having problems creating a log in for the first time, please complete the form below and we'll be in touch.


If you're an existing passenger...

If you've been using the old Stray Mate, you'll still need to Sign Up to the new Stray Mate. The username and password you created in the old Stray Mate won't automatically work in the new Stray Mate App.