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Last Minute Bookings

You can book a customer's trip in the Agent Portal at any time, but our passenger lists for Guides are printed at 5pm the day before travel.

This means if you make a booking after 5pm (NZ time) for travel during the following day, your customer will not be on the Guide's manifest. 

You can still make the booking, please follow this process: 


What You Should Do If Booking After 5pm

  1. Book your customer's travel in the Agent Portal.
  2. Check the system shows a green confirmed seat - this means there is space on the bus. If the booking system doesn't show a green confirmed seat, unfortunately there is no space on the bus.
  3. Once booked, tell your customer to make their way to our MAIN PICK UP POINT, 15 minutes before the departure time. This will ensure they are picked up. Any other pick up locations will not be seen by our driver on the manifest.  

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