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Selfie your heart out! 

The biggest gripe we hear from otherwise happy go-lucky travellers is the lack of accessible quality Wi-Fi available in NZ. When you do find it, it's bloody expensive!

We want to keep our travellers happy and connected so we’ve equipped our hop-on, hop-off buses with high speed LTE 4G WiFi. Game on!

Stray Hop-on Hop-off passengers will receive their first 150MB of data absolutely free! Once this has been used, you can buy top-up data bundles in Stray Mate using a credit card.

How to log in to the Stray WIFI


1. Create your Stray Mate account

To access our WiFi network you will need to have set up a Stray Mate login and password first. If you haven't done this yet, please do this now. 

 Stray Mate Login

2. Connect to the Wifi

When you're on a Stray WiFi enabled bus, find the “Stray” network and hit 'connect'. 

Wifi Authentication Mobile

3. Authenticate your login details

Select “Authenticate" from the Login Page, and a window will pop up where you'll be asked to authenticate your account to get your free data allowance by entering your Stray Mate log in details (email / password). If the window does not pop up, check it is not hidden in behind another window. 

Please note: You only need to authenticate your login details once. 


4. Log in to the WIFI

Once you have authenticated your account, you can select "Login to Wifi". Use the same login details as you use for Stray Mate.

Wifi Authentication Mobile

Connecting again.

When you return to connect to the Stray wifi again, you don't need to authenticate again. You'll be able to go straight to stage 2: Login to WIFI.

How to purchase additional WIFI

You can buy top-up data in Stray Mate to satisfy all your snapchatting and Instagramming needs, here's how:

In Stray Mate, under the WiFi tab you can check how much data you’ve used and buy data top-ups. Simply select how much data you need and pay by credit card. 

How much does it cost?  

Our competitively priced data pack allow you to top up along the way and will give you better coverage than NZ’s standard mobile networks.  

Wifi available on Stray NZ Buses

What you need to know:

  1. The data pack is activated by your unique login so when you change buses your data moves with you and will be available on the next bus. Yay!
  2. Once you’ve connected to Stray’s WiFi network, both Stray Mate and Stray’s website are free to access so you won’t use any of your allocated data when browsing these sites
  3. While most of Stray’s bus fleet are WiFi enabled from time to time you will be on a bus that doesn’t have WiFi (this is mainly due to servicing)
  4. Un-used data cannot be refunded. 

About the network:

  • The high speed 4G network uses commercial grade hardware meaning the Wi-Fi service and coverage will be superior to any personal mobile device using NZ's cellular network.
  • Some sectors of our route will not have coverage due to the ‘off the beaten track’ nature of Stray's product. Your driver will advise of these areas.
  • Wi-Fi is available on most Hop-on Hop-off Stray owned buses across the network. On occasion it may not be available if the unit is unavailable or if we use a contracted bus when our own fleet is being serviced.
  • Wi-Fi is not available on Summer Stray Journeys tours.